In my journey to healing my gut, Allimed was a HUGE part of that. I had tried So many products that did not work for me until this one. It was a definite game changer to get my gut feeling better again.
What is Allimed?
Allimed can help to support your body’s immune system through natural Allicin. This natural organic sulfur compound is extracted from fresh, raw garlic using a crushing, filtration and temperature controlled extraction process that dissolves pure allicin in water.
How does it help heal the gut?
Like many other herbal antibiotics, Allimed has many benefits that pharmaceutical antibiotics simply don’t. And for people who suffer from chronic symptoms, like those with SIBO or leaky gut  have found that Allimed can be a better option. I had SIBO and this was very beneficial to my healing. Allicin is associated with numerous health benefits, Is a very potent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.
Who can benefit from Allimed?



Cold Sores



Sore Throat- Immune Support





How to take Allimed

How to take Allimed depends on what you are trying to treat.  Talk with your practitioner before taking Allimed.

For supporting general health and wellbeing: Take 1 capsule daily with food

  • For treating infections: Take 1 capsule 3 times per day with food
  • For tough infections: You can take upwards of 6 capsules of Allimed at one time to eradicate a tough infection.
We also have it in liquid form.
What is different about the Allimed we sell??
1.  AlliMED is considered “physicians strength” because it contains the strongest concentration of Allisure.  Allisure is stablized allicin and is only made in the UK.  There is no stronger allicin supplement.
2.  Several other products contain Allisure in smaller concentrations (Allimax, Alliultra, AlliC, etc etc).  With the discounts offered (do not advertise the discounts publicly, please), AlliMED usually ends up costing the same or less per dose than some of the retail products that contain lower amounts of Allisure.  AlliMED is the premier Allisure product and specifically for Professional Use.
3.  Besides physicians, there are only four (4) Authorized Sellers in the USA.  If a person buys from anyone except these 4 sellers or from their physician, they may not be getting authentic product.
4.  AlliMED is not sold on eBay, Amazon or any other discounted platform.  Authorized sellers sign agreements to this effect.  Any Allisure product sold on these sites is suspicious and cannot be guarranteed as authentic.  Buying supplements from faceless sellers is also very dangerous!
NOTE:  The Canadian version of AlliMED is called AllimaxPRO.  However, no Canadian company is authorized to advertise in the USA and they aren’t allowed to sell on Amazon either.  There is no telling where the product came from and if it is authentic or unadulterated (cut with cheap fillers or watered-down).  If you look at the reviews on Amazon, you will see that most people are getting foil packets instead of a bottle.
5.  We are the only USA company who ships with cold packs (at last check).
6.  Free USA Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping.
FDA Disclaimer: None of these statements have been approved by the FDA. Always consult your doctor before taking supplements or any other natural remedy
You can get this Allimed on my “Shop” or HERE
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