I went on Debbie’s cleanse a few months ago and was so pleased that I lost weight along the way! It helped my body feel rejuvenated and now I feel like my body has been ‘reset’. It helped me focus on making healthier eating choices along the way, which I am trying to continue. Thanks Debbie for your guidance!!

I had some stomach distress after a meal that likely caused a mild form of food poisoning. Debbie recommended that I do a gut cleanse consisting of Para 1 and Para 2., binder and Bowel mover. Within about 2 days of starting my stomach distress stopped. I continued taking the bio-toxin binder for a few more days to ensure no toxins remained in my digestive system. The cleanse took 30 days to complete but I feel healthier for it. I have my energy, vigor and zest for life back. I think a cleanse 2 to 3 times per year is ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

I have struggled with stomach pain and bowel issues since I can remember. I would be in bed for weeks. This gut cleanse has helped so much and haven’t had any episodes since!!

I gave up on western medicine! I was in and out of the hospital, a ton of diagnostic tests without any answers, solutions or relief. A friend recommended Debbie to me, her parasite cleanse healed me, and I so thankful.

I can’t say enough good things about the detox! Not only did my bloating and puffiness go away, but my stomach was noticeably slimmer and I had more energy throughout the day! I could not be more happy!”

I’m a big fan of the Cellcore products. Last year I discovered I had parasites. I used Para 1, Para 2, BioToxin Binder and Bowel Mover. Three weeks on, one week off for three months. It did the trick I feel so much better. I guess I didn’t even realize how sick I was until I started feeling really good. Lately I have been using another Cellcore product, BioMolecular Oxygen and this product is also fantastic, keeps my energy consistent and my head clear and focused. I believe that Cellcore is an innovative company that is producing high quality health products, check them out!

I purchased the gut cleanse in hopes it would solve  most of my digestive issues and it has exceeded all of my expectations.  Parasites are seriously gross, but so glad that my body is finally getting rid of them!  I’m very happy with the results.  Will be purchasing again. 

Thank you for the great product and excellent customer service!


I want to shout it from the rooftops! Debbie’s products have given me my life back!!!

Let me start by saying that I have suffered from insomnia, chronic fatigue and pain for the past 20+ years. I have seen countless general practitioners and specialists throughout the years and spent thousands upon thousands on medical care, pharmaceuticals and natural supplements with little improvement. I have listened to countless health summits, read dozens upon dozens of books on health and tried every herb, essential oil, and gadget that I could think of. I have cleaned up my diet, balanced my hormones, corrected my thyroid and I addressed my sleep apnea. I have taken every advertised product on the market for fibromyalgia, insomnia, and chronic pain.

It wasn’t until I used the Cell Core products that my health completely turned around. I feel like I am getting back to my old myself again! I am now sleeping through the night, becoming more active during the day, and continuing to clear and heal from whatever was inside of my digestive system (parasites/mucous plaque) that was keeping me down. I’m forever grateful to have found Debbie and her website, Heavenly Healthy Gourmet, and to the doctors and scientists behind these products. They have been an enormous blessing in my health journey. I am still healing and improving every day. I encourage anyone with chronic health issues to give these products serious consideration. They have been life-changing for me.


This cleanse has helped me in so many different ways. After a couple of weeks, I started to feel less bloated and I dropped over 12 lbs by the time I got close to the end of the cleanse. The best thing that happened was the food I was once sensitive to, I am now no longer experiencing issues with those foods! Thanks Debbie for encouraging me to do this, it has really helped a lot!!

Lisa Z

I was diagnosed with Lupus 6 years ago and although I have managed it with diet, A couple of months ago, Debbie texted me to let me know about a parasite cleanse that that she felt could help me. At first, I am not going to lie, I was a bit hesitant, not to mention grossed out at the possibility. But, I know Debbie, and she is one of the most caring, trustworthy and knowledgeable people I know, especially in the health field, so I knew I can trust what she said to be truth. So I ordered and started on the cleanse. At first, I did not feel good, because of the “die-off, ” but it wasnt long until my energy picked up. My fog brain cleared up and I just felt all around, better. For anyone who has an auto immune disease, sometimes we don’t feel bad, but we never feel great. I finally started feeling great! I am so thankful that Debbie text me that morning and I feel better than I have in over 6 years!!

Gina R

I highly recommend this cleanse. My husband and I had significant results with killing Parasites and purging them with these products. I could not believe the amount of worms that came out of me and neither could my husband. We are definitely planning on doing this cleanse again. I tried other natural products to help with purging and it was not effective like these products. Thank you Debbie! This was truly a gift, helping us get healthier! “

Charise M

I highly recommend this cleanse. My husband and I had significant results with killing Parasites and purging them with these products. I could not believe the amount of worms that came out of me and neither could my husband. We are definitely planning on doing this cleanse again. I tried other natural products to help with purging and it was not effective like these products. Thank you Debbie! This was truly a gift, helping us get healthier! “

Cheri H

Debbie told me her headaches were literally GONE after using this cleanse, so I decided to try it! I am 65, have traveled to many other countries, & have arthritis….so I was told I probably have parasites. I must say it IS CREEPY & disgusting to see, but my results after only 6 weeks are exciting!! I have lost 10 pounds (yeah!🎉🎉) & after two weeks I woke up & could move my hands & fingers with NO PAIN!!!
Super tired some days & feel GREAT other days…I am going to stick with it!!
Thank you, Deb, for sharing this with us!!!

Debbie F

The para cleanse has been a huge positive for me. I was suffering every day with stomach pain and couldn’t manage to figure out why or what was causing it. I tried many things and did my research on what possibly could be wrong. Of course there was an astronomical amount of things it could be. The para cleanse was my only option to figure out if it was something more serious. After doing the cleanse, I have only had two days where my stomach hurt again but since I’ve been pain free. It also fixed a few other digestive issues I had been struggling with since having my daughter. To me this is a huge deal because it has been so long and ever so frustrating figuring out what I can do get things resolved. I feel so much better and feel it has gotten my body back on track!


I have been on the parasite cleanse for about 6 weeks now. The amazing results have been the fact that I would’ve never thought that I had so many parasites, that my body is still getting rid of till this day. I learned so much about parasites which of course leads to an unhealthy gut and how this actually affects the rest of your body including the clarity of mind. I am no longer experiencing fogginess like I was.

I am craving less sugar, no longer experiencing any more under arm odor (even after a sweaty workout) and my nails are much healthier and are actually growing. My UTI (which I had experienced at least 4 times in the last year) seems to have gone away even without taking any antibiotics. .I can see my inches getting smaller just by the way my clothes are fitting. My stomach is much smaller as well, Yay!

Maria M

I was diagnosed with Epstein Bar Virus/Chronic Fatigue in 1990. Since then I have been trying to boost my immune system and choose healthy foods to support good health. Still, I have trouble sleeping and wake a few times a night, wear a mouth guard at night from clenching my teeth, wake with no energy and drag myself to the coffee pot in the morning to get myself going for the day. I am always low on energy and forgetful (foggy brain). Not to mention, I struggled with IBS food sensitivities everyday!

I started the program for parasites about 2 months ago and have an increase in energy—I actually wake-up in the morning and feel rested. I have been sleeping better which has been huge for me; so I can wait to enjoy my coffee. I feel more energy and think better. All my digestive symptoms are gone now too and I can eat things that always used to bother me. Also, Debbie is a wonderful coach and has been there for me for all my questions. All in all I have been happy with the program and I am feeling better. I still can’t believe after all my years of searching that parasites have been part of the problem!

Karen D

This is the first cleanse I’ve been able to tolerate! I was worried about starting it because of other cleansing attempts in the past, but it’s been extremely easy on my body and simple to use. I’ve noticed clearer skin, my stomach pain and bloating are gone, and my overall energy level has improved. I began this cleanse to try it out for my daughters, one of whom has Crohn’s Disease. I was concerned it may be hard on her body but after doing it myself, I am trying to convince her to do it (along with the rest of my family & friends!)

Sam Z

I am so thankful to have connected with Debbie and that she introduced me to this cleanse. She is such a sweetheart and is someone who truly cares about your well-being. Love her passion! I have been on this cleanse for about 6 weeks. I can’t believe how many toxic worms parasites are coming out of my body. And they are still coming!! Gross right?

I have been dealing with an autoimmune disease for over 20 years, and I am excited to see what this cleanse does for me. My results so far are awesome. I have “no more brain fog”. My tummy is flatter. And I have been dealing with “yeast” type infections for years..completely gone. In the last year I have been struggling with “icky” under arm odor that is difficult to get rid of…GONE!

I have been telling all my friends about it! I now believe that if you eat any sushi, undercooked meat, pork, or have animals… you need to get on this cleanse.

Thank you Debbie!


I was experiencing stomach pains and digestive issues after almost every single meal I ate. My boyfriend even asked me if I was allergic to food – it was that bad. After about a month on this cleanse, my stomach pains were few and far between! And I was finally having healthy bowel movements again – after months and months. I’m still on the journey to fully cleansing (and killing off!) the little wormies but the improvement thus far gives me the encouragement and excitement to continue with the cleanse. I’m SO grateful for a healthy, natural way to heal my body and the commitment and support from Debbie. God send.


So glad my friend Deb reached out to me and my husband that has battled Lyme Disease for years to see if he had every considered a parasite cleanse. We hadn’t. And honestly not all that sure it would be effective. Hesitant, yes. But willing to do anything to keep him on his healing journey. Decided we would do together. What did we have to lose, right?! Wow. A stomach full of worms!! And lots of them. Along with eggs. (Who knew talking about worms in poop would be a thing?) We noticed the cleanse has helped our guts feel so much better too! So grateful we did it!!

Amy & Paul

I actually heard about the cleanse after Debbie shared with me what wonders it did for her and the thought of having worms creeped me so I decided to do the cleanse. I am all about getting healthy and feeling healthy especially since I have been trying to conceive again and many girls had good results from after doing the cleanse. I can honestly say I feel great after. I haven’t had headaches and I have way more energy and the brain fog finally floated off! 😉 I did it for a month and now I am going to try to get pregnant again. I would highly recommend the cleanse.

Lisa C

I have tried similar products in the past, but none worked as well as these. I highly recommend them.


These products are amazing, . In one months time, my eczema and indegestion got so much better. Along with the products, I have been eating whole foods. Thank you so much for your help.


I have been a frequent headache suffer for many, many years. Over the last 3-4 years I’ve been trying different things and changing my lifestyle to reduce my severe headaches. After changing my diet and a few other things, a few years ago, my 6-8 headache days went down to 3-4 headache days a month without taking meds. I then decided that I really wanted to cut that in half again and go to 1-2 headaches a month.

After doing some of my own research, seeing Debbie on social media and then ultimately talking with Debbie, I decided to add in the cleanse after a 30 days diet reset. I was so excited when the only headache I had was hormonal (from starting my period). For the last two months, I’ve only had two headache days! This is a huge improvement. Along with getting a handle on my headaches, I feel great from the cleanse.
With the change in my diet, my continued exercise and this gut cleanse, I’ve dropped 10lbs and 4% body fat. I have so much energy and focus, along with reduced severe headaches. I feel great! I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone trying to reset their system to function more effectively, heal a number of issues and get back to neutral- so to speak. The cleanse, along with Debbie’s tips on nutrition, and some exercise will make anyone feel like their best self.

Sarah B

I met Debbie at a store in La Jolla. I really feel it was God’s ordain meeting. I was contemplating a bariatric sleeve surgery and had Thyroid problems for years. I couldn’t lose weight. Debbie suggested I did the parasite/liver cleanse and change my diet. I started feeling better and eliminating the sludgy toxins. I feel so much better with less inflammation. In just a couple weeks I lost 10 lbs. I plan on continuing the cleanse and eating a Paleo and implementing more exercise. Making changes creates a healthier and energetic life!

I’m grateful for you Debbie!


Hi Debbie. In reflecting back in 2018, I can say with certainty that meeting you and taking the cell core products was the best thing that happened to me! Thank you soooo much for your instagrams and texts and for promoting and educating us all on the products. I’m definitely getting back to my old self which has been a long time coming (about 20 years).

May God continue to bless you and yours this year and always.


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