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For Para 1 and Para 2:

For  3-4 days, take 1 capsule, of both Para 1 and Para 2, every morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Then, if you are tolerating this regiment, you can increase your dosage from 1 capsule to 2 capsules, of Para 1 and Para 2, every morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Clients usually begin to see results after a few days of the increased dosage. Depending on how you are tolerating the dosage, you can increase your dose to 3 capsules of each morning and evening.

Biotoxin Binder:

Take 1-3 capsules twice a day at breakfast and lunch. Away from Para 1 and 2.

Bowel Mover:

Take once to twice a day at breakfast and dinner. Start with one. If you feel you are not having bowel movements enough, add more the next evening until you feel you are going at least twice a day.

Drink plenty of water and Roasted Dandelion Tea, you can get this on my store under pantry or any health food store, for the health of your liver. Pumpkin seeds, carrots, and beets are great to eat during this cleanse. Minerals and vitamins are also good to take, however wait to take probiotics till after you finish the cleanse.

I recommend keeping an ordinary stick (i.e. from your yard) by your toilet, to dig/search your bowel movement for worms and parasites. Most people don’t think they are having any success with the cleanse until they actually dig through and find the worms/parasites. Typically your stool will be well formed and floating when they contain worms/parasites. Break apart your bowel movement with the stick. This process, after beginning the cleanse, can take several weeks before you begin to see any results.

***You ONLY need to take Para 2 for 60 days unless you are still seeing eggs, you may continue for 4 months.***


1 .How long do I do the cleanse? 

Ask your health provider on your situation. Everyone is different. But most people need to do all 3 phases of the protocol lasting 120 days.

2. Are the parasites/worms alive when they come out?

3. No! They die when you take the capsules.

4. Will I feel them in me? 


5.  Are there any detox side effects?

Everyone is different, but common signs are: fatigue, slight headache, bloated and tummy aches, and/or sore throat for a couple days. All side effects are temporary. As you pass the parasite/biofillm pass, you will feel better!  It is worth it!

6. I am so sensitive to every detox and am nervous. Is this one okay? 

Even the most sensitive people, like myself, have done really well with very few side effects. So…no need to worry.

7. What do I do if I’m constipated while taking the cleanse? 

Take more Bowel Mover or Magnesium Supplement.

8. What should I eat on the cleanse?

Try to stay away from gluten, dairy, and sugar as they can feed the parasites.

9.  Can I take probiotics, or any supplements during the cleanse?

No need for probiotics until you are done with the cleanse. Taking vitamins and minerals are recommended. When the cleanse is over, you will then replenish with probiotics.

10. Can I take medications while one the cleanse?

Yes, just keep the Binder away from the meds.

11.  What if I start feeling sick on cleanse? 

This is actually a good sign that the cleanse is working. Back off on the pills. It’s ok to go slow.

What Binders Should I take?

CellCore Binder Comparison Chart (1)


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