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Debbie Hendrickson: Nutritional Health Coach

As a CERTIFIED nutritional health coach and lifestyle expert and creator of heavenly healthy gourmet recipes: I believe that proper nutrition and resetting your body will quickly put you on the road to healing and allow you to steadily get your life back. I’ve worked with individuals, probably a lot like you, who were ready to transform their bodies – but simply didn’t have the nutritional knowledge to get where they wanted to be.
After winning my own autoimmune battle and cleansing my body, I’ve committed my life to helping others do the same with their lives. I will help you activate the confident, healthy body that God intended you to have. Whether it’s autoimmune issues; having more energy; losing weight…I can help you get there if you will take the first step.

No matter what you are going through, diet and lifestyle changes can get you there.

I believe that we all WANT to feel well and be healthy, but sometimes we need a little coaxing and coaching to get us there. We will together create a plan and a path specifically addressing your needs. I feel we have lost confidence in so many of our traditional doctors who do not know how to show us the way. I believe in enlightening my clients to teach them how to help themselves through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes so that they can function independently and confidently. I believe in easy healthy recipes that keep you on track and make you not want to go back. I believe in establishing a relationship with my clients where they feel safe and comfortable so real progress can occur. My success stories go beyond weight loss or looking good – but feeling vibrant, energized and mostly, feeling your best!

Here’s How It Works

Fill out a health form for a free consult to make sure you are confident in working with me. We will go over the form and I will then let you know how I can help you get to the healthiest you.

3 Month Protocol: $1500

*Every 2 weeks another apt.
*Email anytime
*Discount on supplements
*Meal plan, grocery list, supplement list, what labs to do, interpretation on labs.
*On going training
(Supplements not included)

Blood lab consultation session fee: $300

Entails:  Free health history, what labs to get, me ordering labs (not included, expect to pay around 250 for labs), lab interpretation and set protocol

Cleanse Consultation: $150

30 minutes

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to commit to a healthier you, I’m ready to help you! Use this form to let me know when you’d like to get started, what your needs are, and where you dream to be one year from now. Let me know any specifics you’d like me to know about your present challenges. We can then schedule a time to talk and get started on finding the new you!

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