INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

Brown Rice Spaghetti (I get mine at Trader Joe’s)

Organic Marinara Meat Sauce with Basil

1 lb. Grass-Fed Beef

Crushed garlic, enough to put in the balls

2 tbsp. Parsley

1 cup Gluten Free Bread crumbs 

1 cup Parmasan Cheese

3  Organic Eggs


Boil Spaghetti till soft, drain water

Add Marinara Sauce with basil 


Roll ground beef into balls, add crushed garlic to them

 Crack 3 eggs and mix for egg mixture

Pour bread crumbs, parmasan cheese, and parsely onto a plate, mix together

Take balls and dip into egg mixture and then roll in crumb mixture

Pour some marinara on balls and bake at 350 till fully cooked

Add meatballs to the spaghetti and Enjoy!

(Organic Chicken Meatballs are at Costco if you want faster)


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