INGREDIENTS (serves 4-6)

4 Organic chicken breasts

Garlic salt 

Organic Olive oil

Simple Mills Crackers or coconut flakes 

2 Organic Eggs

After dipping chicken in eggs, and bread crumbs, place on a hot skillet and cook well!


Slice chicken breast into strips, not too thick.  Crack eggs in bowl, mix and place in a plate.   Dump crackers in vitamix or blender to make crumbs.  Place bread crumbs on separate plate as well.  Dip chicken in eggs on both sides,  then cover in breadcrumbs. Heat up olive oil in pan , hot enough to bake them, about 2 tbsp. or more.  Place breaded chicken in hot oil and fry till browned and crisp. Flip and do the same. 

Serve with marinara or ketchup or choice of sauce…Kids love these and adults too:)

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