64 OZ Organic Chicken broth

One Large Organic Sweet Potato (chop in small cubes)

3 Breasts Organic Chicken

2 cloves garlic

1 Can Organic White Beans

1/2 Cup Mild Salsa

1 cup Organic Spinach

4 large Organic Carrots

Organic Cilantro

Raw Cheese


For Instant Pot, add Broth, Salsa,  Carrots (only small chop as we will puree them later), Garlic, Sweet Potato (puree), and set to soup for 25 min.  If chicken is frozen, cook for 35 min. After soup is cooked, take out the sweet pot and carrots and place in blender. Blend well and place back in broth and stir well. Add beans, spinach  and top with raw cheese if desired and enjoy!!

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