Coconut oil for greasing pan

8 Large eggs

3 cups raw cashew nuts (soaked for 10 min before or longer)

1 Banana

 2 tbsp. honey 

1/2 cup almond milk/coconut milk or milk of choice

7 tbsp. organic coconut flour

4 tsp. baking powder

4 tsp.  sea salt

4 tsp. apple cider vinegar 


Preheat oven to 325F.  Place a small heatproof dish of water on the bottom rack while the oven heats. 

Grease a large loaf pan with parchment paper, then grease the sides of the pan with a very thin coating of coconut oil.

Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender. (I use my vitamix)

Pour mix in dish and bake for 45-60 min depending on oven.  I did not look at the time when I made this, so check and put a knife in it to make sure it is done.  Don’t overcook as this tastes best moist!

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