1 Head Organic Cauliflower Head, cut in pieces

4 Large Organic Carrots or mini ones

Parsley, Turmeric, Garlic Salt seasonings

1/2  Red Onion chopped

4 Garlic Cloves

Olive oil

40 oz Organic Bonafide Provisions Chicken Broth

1 Tbsp. Grated Ginger

Salt (optional for more taste)


Roast Cauliflower and Carrots at 400 degrees on a cookie sheet like above pic for 20 minutes until light brown and soft. In the mean time, fry up chopped onion and garlic in sauce pan with olive oil till soft.  Add Broth, onions, garlic, cauliflower and carrots to blender or vita-mix. Add seasoning to liking.

Blend on high till creamy. Place in sauce pan to boil up till as thick as you want. Serve hot and enjoy!

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