I had been through a year of a pretty major health scare at age 55. I wanted to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle rather than relying on expensive drugs and prescriptions. Through Debbie, I discovered a new and healthier way to live! Since working with you I have a new awareness of what’s healthy and what doesn’t serve me. You helped me make sense of what information applied to my situation and I learned so much about the factors that affect my health goals; which go far beyond nutrition. In addition to learning how to read labels and establish healthy eating habits, you introduced me to a whole new world of vitamins, essential oils, natural make-up, and cleaning products, to name a few.

Debbie, your warm, personal style of counseling is not only professional, but fits perfect with my needs. Your intellectual clarity is balanced by knowing exactly how to communicate about food and nutrition in a way that I can relate. I am feeling better, sleeping better and eating healthier!

Thank you! 

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