These specific fulvic molecules are able to donate two oxygen ions, which mitochondria need for the creation of ATP in the Krebs cycle. Providing this vital component of the energy cycle will help to maximize mitochondrial output.


These molecules are actually clusters of smaller monosaccharides that act as signaling molecules and an energy source. Polysaccharides support metabolic processes and help regulate the uptake of nutrients and water within cells.


Carefully chosen plant-based fulvic extracts are supercharged with electrons, to help increase the electrical conductivity of your cellular membranes. This upregulation of electrons boosts metabolic functioning and generation of ATP. It can help maintain the optimum strength and performance of cellular processes.


These highly active carbon molecules contain everything a cell needs for optimal function. BioActive Carbons are long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons, allowing them to be more bioavailable and to be absorbed at the cellular level.

Our BioActive Carbons go through a three-step process to attach other molecules that enhance their effectiveness as antioxidants and also their role to bind and remove toxins. They accomplish this while leaving behind the components your cells need to rebuild and restore proper function.

BioActive Carbons also increase the absorption and utilization of other active ingredients in their formulation to optimize the overall benefits available from the products you choose to add to your wellness protocol.

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MitoATP is the answer to help supercharge your energy at the cellular level.

Specifically chosen extracts of fulvic acid, combined with polyelectrolytes support your mitochondria to maximize ATP production.

Toxins, infections, heavy metals, and aging slow down your mitochondria and hamper their ability to generate the energy you need for everyday cellular function as well as detoxing and healing efforts. Mitochondria can not only slow down, but die off, leaving you with less of these power producing plants in your cells. During these slow-down periods, chronic illness and disease may become painfully evident, as your cells lose their ability to fully “charge.”

Your mitochondria require precise levels of minerals and electrons for peak performance. They also leverage polysaccharides which assist in signaling molecules. Without these components, they are missing vital keys to complete the energy cycle, which also inhibits their ability to assist in detoxification and DNA synthesis and repair. The oxidative stress within your cells increases with this back-up of toxins.

MitoATP from CellCore Biosciences has the specific minerals, electrons, and polysaccharides these power generators need to not only support energy creation, but enhance your immune response and help protect DNA from long-term damage. These carbon-based polyelectrolytes help recharge depleted mineral and electron concentrations to restore the ATP process to peak efficiency.

Another result of the energy cycle, is the production of pure water. Supporting mitochondrial function will boost your cellular hydration, aiding in effective detoxification.

MitoATP assists the body in getting back to optimal wellness by supporting the power plants behind all your bodily processes — your mitochondria.


STANDARD– Take up to ten drops three times daily or as otherwise directed by a healthcare practitioner.

AGGRESSIVE– Take up to fifteen drops three times daily. Add drops to water, juice, or your favorite smoothie as desired.

SENSITIVE- Reduce dosage to up to five drops twice daily. Add drops to water, juice, or your favorite smoothie as desired.

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