Being a single parent, I’ve found myself in the rut of buying easy to cook, processed food. Lots of carbs, sugars, GMOs. While it may have been quick and easy, it was in no way healthy. After years, my oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and my youngest with chronic digestive issues. I felt it was time to make a change. Thats when i sought Debbie for help. Ive know her for years and have seen her grow as a health coach. She designed a meal plan that is easy for me to adhere to for myself and my boys. Getting off of processed foods, sugars, & dairy were essential for us. Its been 8 weeks or so and while is not been easy, it has been productive. My oldest son sleeps better, looks healthier, and is happier than before. My youngest son hasn’t had any stomach pains for 4 weeks.  For me, I’ve lost weight and sleep better. Before, i would wake up every night around 2:30-3:00am. And yes I mean EVERY NIGHT. That hasn’t happened now for 4 weeks.


Debbie truly lives what she teaches. What an inspiration! Her own personal story, her encouragement and disciplines helped me through a time I “simply didn’t care about what I ate.” With her knowledge of real organic foods, products and ways to become healthier in so many areas, I was able to get the inspiration I needed to quit toxic foods and stop eating so much sugar. I quit soda (huge victory)! I got the kick in the tail I desperately needed to “turn the dreaded corner.” I’m SO happy I made the choice to work with Debbie! I’m consistently taking the principles she has taught me and am moving forward with confidence. I’m grateful to my friend Debbie for all she has helped me and my family to accomplish Sarah Tretter

This last year has been a roller coaster of a health journey for me…to say the least. One of the things that helped me through the insanity was my diet. Debbie Hendrickson gave me some very valuable info that I’m still reading my notes on!!! If you’re interested in healing your body with foods or just changing your life, hit her up! Nikki

I don’t know what I would have done without Debbie Hendrickson in my life. She is more than a “health coach” to me– She is an absolute godsend! When I met her, I was literally dying. Doctors had no answers. My husband and five kids were beside themselves with concern. She compassionately listened to my story and quickly identified my health problems. She wasted no time and thoughtfully devised a plan of action that brought my strength and vitality back! She was by my side all of the way and encouraged me when times got really tough- when I just couldn’t see the finish line, she described to me what it was going to be like when I finally ran through it. Not only am I profoundly grateful, but my husband and five kids are too- they are thrilled to have me “back.” Lori W

When I heard about Debbie and what she does for people, I was very excited. I had suffered from GERD and gluten sensitivities for years. I had finally gotten to a point that even drinking water would get the GERD going. Debbie helped me with putting me on an organic/gluten free diet, along with supplements that were going to help me particularly. As of last month, I no longer have these symptoms after 4 months of eating properly and taking my supplements for my stomach and my body. Thank you Debbie, it feels great to eat whatever I want on occasion, although I still watch it. Kay

I had been through a year of a pretty major health scare at age 55. I wanted to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle rather than relying on expensive drugs and prescriptions. Through Debbie, I discovered a new and healthier way to live! Since working with you I have a new awareness of what’s healthy and what doesn’t serve me. You helped me make sense of what information applied to my situation and I learned so much about the factors that affect my health goals; which go far beyond nutrition. In addition to learning how to read labels and establish healthy eating habits, you introduced me to a whole new world of vitamins, essential oils, natural make-up, and cleaning products, to name a few.

Debbie, your warm, personal style of counseling is not only professional, but fits perfect with my needs. Your intellectual clarity is balanced by knowing exactly how to communicate about food and nutrition in a way that I can relate. I am feeling better, sleeping better and eating healthier!

Thank you! Alyson

I want to thank Debbie for helping my daughter with a eating program. My daughter has suffered with stomach problems for at least a year. the doctors answers is giving prescriptions. That was a temporary relief for her. Debbie taught and showed my daughter to change the way she eats. She even met with both of us and walked around the store and educated me with good foods. I am also changing the way I cooked and shop for my family. Tammy Sedin

I had been seriously considering changing my eating habits for years, but I needed a nudge. I needed information, a health education, someone to teach me and then hold me accountable. Debbie helped me do that!

I committed and took the plunge. With Debbie’s help I gave up fast food, soda and popcorn as my daily snack/dinner, and learned how to prepare meals with real nutrition and health benefits. Debbie was my cheerleader, my health coach, a patient and loving Christian sister. I am thankful He put Debbie in my path! Kim L

In June of 2014, I was diagnosed with Prostatitis. (A serious infection of the Prostate) that turned into Prostate Cancer. I got in touch with Debbie and she immediately put a Detox Diet Plan together for me. She was very helpful in making dietary recommendations and food substitutions. Debbie’s diet got me on All Organic regiment with limited amounts of protein, heavy vegetable intake. It also clearly laid out many foods to avoid. I was really fortunate to be put in touch with Debbie at a time when I really needed some solid guidance and direction.

Thank you Debbie for being there for me and making the entire experience really easy! Jeff S

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