I have not had a virus in over 7 years or so until THIS THING reared its ugly head. After a year of shut-downs, masks, social distancing, etc, I got it. How? No idea. I was never a fan of the masks, or the political control. And the tech world’s penchant for fear mongering? It was frightening in and of itself, let alone the fear of actually getting the mysterious virus. Even having had this virus, I still don’t believe the masks help prevent the spread. The manipulation of the public narrative according to the ‘science’ certainly didn’t help the masks work beyond what they really are…an unhealthy, unnatural, security blanket that only stoked more division and fear. Nor, do I believe in shutting a country down for it.  My belief in treating any flu is to stay home if you’re compromised and vulnerable. You do you, but don’t take our freedoms away for the sake of unproven and constantly changing non-science. But all that being said, there is no doubt…

It is definitely a BAD flu and I would never want my mom or dad who are compromised to get it, or, for that matter, anyone older with health issues.  For many, it comes with a nasty cough and other symptoms that can truly cause life threatening issues for those already weakened. Even so, it serves us well to be reminded that almost 100% of peeps get through this. Having personally come through it now, I’m glad I got in a way. I now know what it’s like. And my heart still aches for those precious lives and loved ones that were lost to this.


Normally, I NEVER get a fever when I contracted typical flu viruses. But with Covid 19, I started to feel super weak and one day I came down with a fever of 100…but the fever lasted just one day. Even though the following days didn’t show a fever, I continued with a clammy feeling for about a week.. The severe fatigue hit me hard as well. I started a dry cough and got cold congestion symptoms 2 days into it. Many other sufferers talk about losing their taste and smelI. I personally never lost my taste but my sense of smell disappeared for 3 or 4 days and then began to steadily return. I started to feel better at 3 weeks but still had the cough that lingered.


My friend who is a doctor got me IVERMECTIN right away.

I took it, but I obviously can’t say it cured me. There’s no way of knowing, but without it, I might have been worse. I do think this is a great option along with Hydroxy. I daily dosed up on 4,000 mg Vitamin C, 10,000 IU D3, 50 mg zinc, 10,000 IU vitamin A, 400 Vitamin E, Quercetin, Mucinex (guafenisen), Minerals, B complex, and TONS of water with lemon. Lots of hot tea with Manuka honey. And shots of ginger/lemon/apple, turmeric etc… veggie juicing and NO sugar. Bone broth soups were my best friend. Below are some product pics. I was also told after the fact within 10 days to get a monoclonal antibody IV.

Every person is different and I knew it would be rough with my autoimmune disease. If you come down with it, don’t be discouraged and know, “this too shall pass.”

As time went on, my cough just seemed to get worse, so on day 10, I went into my docs to get an IV. Super cool IV with UV light that went into IV to kill the virus with B2 vitamin and another UV to restore the mitochondria cells. It definitely helped with some energy! My lungs were clear but the inflammation was not good from constant cough. And on top of it, I pulled a muscle in my chest from coughing!! Just when you think you’re on the mend, you realize it’s not over.  The only cough medicine that seemed to helped was OLBAS. Pic above.


NO WAY! Now I haven’t always been against vaccines but seeing what’s in this one is SO SCARY…Why would I chance further complications, some possibly permanent, but certainly there are so many unknowns in this form of ‘vaccine’. It was rushed to the point of waiving true research of long term effects. I have done a ton of reading and investigation on this.  Plus seeing the ingredients is enough to make me want to run far away. I work hard enough on my health and teach others to stay away from all the dangerous elements in this stuff!

Plus, if you’re pro-life, this is definitely against my moral values as many were created based aborted fetal material.  Not to mention the various ingredients these vaccines contain…heavy metals, formaldehyde, ecoli and many other neurotoxins that are linked to various cancers. Story after story of people getting sicker and dying from this vaccine means a definite no for me, regardless of the stated advantages. People sometimes scoff when we raise the red flags, but in many cases there are hidden agendas lurking and in the relentless pushing and of this vaccine there are waving flags everywhere! Caution is the rule here for the sake of our longterm health.. So, no, I will never accept this vaccine. That being said, I have many friends and family that have and I have no judgement for them. Each of us has to make our own choices but I do think it’s important to inform the ones you love.


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